November 29, 2022

Double your donations on this Giving Tuesday

Today is an exciting day for us at NM Political Report. Today is Giving Tuesday, an alternative to the Black Friday or Cyber Monday: where instead of buying a big screen TV or a new phone, you can support worthy causes before the end of the year.

As a nonprofit newsroom in a small population state, I hope that you consider us one of those worthy causes.

To make it even better, this year we are lucky enough to be part of the Local News Fund’s annual matching campaign. This means that your donations from today until December 31 will be matched (up to $5,000) and go even further towards helping our newsroom not only keep the top-notch coverage that you’re used to, but let us expand our coverage.

This will help us do things like pay for travel to cover stories in areas throughout the state to cover important legislative or county meetings. It will allow us to hire freelance reporters who can cover stories we otherwise wouldn’t be able to write about. It will just overall go towards making our newsroom better and stronger.

So this Giving Tuesday, consider making a one-time or monthly donation.

Want to make sure we can keep the best political coverage in the state? Donate!

We’ve been around for nearly eight years with no backing from a big corporation. We don’t have a billionaire sending money every month. Instead, we have you, our readers.

We’ve broken big stories. We’ve started coverage on stories that got national attention. We write about things that make other outlets follow our coverage (sometimes with acknowledgement that we came first, sometimes without).

So please, help us and donate today so we can go for another eight years and beyond.

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