December 8, 2022

New limited program provides some in-home nursing visits postpartum

The state will initiate a new program for some new parents of newborns that will provide limited in-home nursing visits within three weeks postpartum.

The New Mexico Department of Health and the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department are partnering with University of New Mexico Hospital to provide the service. The start of the program is limited to individuals who reside in Bernalillo County and who receive prenatal care at the UNM Eubank Women’s Health Clinic and deliver at UNM Hospital.

A spokesperson for NMDOH said growth of the project depends on “a wide range of community partners and their support for the work to move forward.”

The program provides up to three nurse visits, with the first visit being in person. The nurse checks in on support for the parent’s health care, support for infant care, support for a safe home and support for the parents, according to a news release.

As needed, the second and third visits can be in-person or conducted over the phone. The spacing of the second and third visits are based on family need but the aim of the program is for all visits to be completed within 12 weeks postpartum, according to DOH.

“Nursing before, during and after delivery is critical for mothers and newborns,” Elizabeth Groginsky, Cabinet Secretary for the Early Childhood Education and Care Department, said through the release. “The earlier we can support parents’ health and well-being, the better the outcomes are for families and babies. ECECD is so pleased to provide these crucial resources for newborns in collaboration with UNM hospitals.”