December 13, 2022

NMDOH asks for $2 million for funding family planning and women’s reproductive health services

The New Mexico State Capitol, or Roundhouse Wikicommons.

The New Mexico Department of Health will request $2 million for the family planning and women’s reproductive health services from the New Mexico Legislature to replace reductions in federal funds to maintain current family planning services.

The $2 million is part of an 11 percent increase DOH is requesting from the Legislature in 2023. According to a news release, DOH is asking for the increase in its Fiscal Year 2024 budget request due to the “massive disruption” the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. The funds will replace reductions in federal funds and will maintain, rather than increase, current family planning services, according to the release.

Other DOH budget priorities include $5.8 million additional funding for School-Based Health Centers to expand services to include primary care, behavioral health and suicide prevention for the 25,073 students who attend 70 rural and Tribal community schools. According to the news release, this expansion would cost less than $300 per student.

DOH’s overall budget request for FY24 is $393 million. When including the federal dollars the department expects to receive, the department budget will be more than $771 million for FY24, according to the release.

Other budget priorities include $14 million to fill positions in the department; $10.2 million to increase rates to providers of individuals with developmental disabilities; $8 million to increase public education campaigns; $6.8 million for substance misuse prevention; $389,000 to expand language access.

“This budget request ensures a conscientious allotment of resources that will deliver and advance positive and equitable health outcomes for all New Mexicans. To meet these goals, it’s important for DOH to rebuild our public health infrastructure in the areas of information technology, finance and human resources,” Dr. David R. Scrase, acting DOH secretary, said through the release.