January 6, 2023

Legislators begin prefiling legislation for upcoming session

Ahead of the opening of the 2023 New Mexico legislative session at noon on Jan. 17, legislators can pre-file legislation.

Legislators could begin submitting legislation on Jan. 3 and have until Jan. 13, the Friday prior to the session’s opening day.

Pre-filed pieces of legislation for state senators are not assigned bill numbers until the session begins on Jan. 17. The listing of pre-filed legislation in the Senate is listed in an index form that is updated daily until then.

However, pre-filed bills from members of the state House have numbers assigned to them and can be accessed via the legislature’s website nmlegis.gov and by clicking the “go” button under the session designation drop-down box.

New Mexico Legislators have until Feb. 16, midway through this year’s 60-day legislative session, to introduce bills for the 2023 session.

As of Jan. 5, pre-filed legislation topics include wildfire mitigation strategies,updates to the state’s Campaign Finance Act, election and polling place changes including prohibiting firearms at polling places and measures to curb election official intimidation as well as bills to help children, land grants-mercedes and updates to the state minimum wage including a cost of living update.

For more information, visit the New Mexico Legislature website www.nmlegis.gov

Updates on the session including schedules and locations of meetings are posted to the New Mexico Legislature’s Twitter feed at twitter.com/nmlegislature