February 14, 2023

Legislative modernization effort moves forward


The House Judiciary Committee heard two house joint resolutions on Monday that could alter the legislative session by public vote on a constitutional amendment.

HJR 2, if it passes, would put a measure on the ballot for New Mexico voters to decide if they want to make each year’s legislative session last 60 days.

The committee passed HJR 2 on a 7-4 party line vote with the committee’s Republicans voting against the legislation.

HJR 8 would place a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would establish a citizen’s commission to determine legislator salaries. 

Due to time constraints with an evening floor session set to begin, HJR 8 was presented with public comment with committee discussion to be heard at the committee’s Wednesday meeting.

At the time, there was no opposition to the legislation in person or on the Zoom.

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Both house joint resolutions were recently heard by the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee where they passed with amendments. HJR 2 passed on a party line 6-3 vote and HJR 8 was passed also on a party line vote of 5-3, a committee member had to excuse herself prior to the vote so she could attend another committee meeting.