March 15, 2023

Campaign finance updates fail in House

The House voted down a bill sought to modernize the Campaign Reporting Act.

SB 42 sought to simplify campaign reporting compliance for some elected officials and to provide more sunshine on campaign finances.

The bill failed on 33-36 vote.

Legislators debate portions of the bill that would change the way loans to candidates from family members would be reported. There were questions about how the difference between a loan from a family member to help fix a home issue such as plumbing or roofing was different from a loan toward the candidates campaigning. 

There was also discussion about the restricted times during legislative sessions when a legislator may receive a donation through the mail but not cash it until after the legislative session concluded.

This was the subject of a floor amendment proposed by Rep. Rod Montoya, R-Farmington, which was tabled. 

“It requires disclosure on electronic communications such as Facebook ads or other digital ads,” bill co-sponsor Rep. Matthew McQueen, D-Galisteo, said. “It prohibits a candidate who moves money to themselves from paying it back with a rate of interest and expands the effect of the permitted period to candidates’ campaign committees and Legislative Caucus committees and as amended in House Judiciary, includes the provisions of HB 103, which previously passed this House which changes the dates and timeframes for reporting to more closely match the election calendar.”

The House Judiciary Committee voted to add the provisions of HB 103 into the bill on Tuesday.