June 7, 2023

New website seeks to combat anti-abortion misinformation

Hannah Grover

A new website that offers information on abortion clinics and abortion fund providers and also debunks anti-abortion misinformation launched on Monday.

The website, New Mexico Abortion Info, is sponsored by a coalition of abortion rights organizations in New Mexico. The new website provides accurate information about where to find reliable abortion clinics staffed with licensed, medically trained providers in New Mexico, as well as answers to some common anti-abortion misinformation and a list of New Mexico-based abortion fund providers. The website also offers a list of organizations that abortion rights supporters have said often try to confuse an abortion patient and individuals seeking prenatal care but are not medically licensed clinics and, reportedly, deceive patients instead.

Jacqueline Aguirre, communications specialist for ProgressNow New Mexico,* said the website will be updated monthly.

“Our hope is for the information to serve as a means to teach New Mexicans the truth,” Aguirre said. “I want this website to help those people seeking the truth to help them fight back while affirming what we already know, that we deserve respect and we can make those decisions ourselves and with our families without religious-motivated interference.”

Aguirre said the website busts myths and narratives anti-abortion groups and politicians claim, such as the concept of “born alive” or abortions later in pregnancy.

Aguirre said it’s important for people to know when they enter a place purporting to be a healthcare clinic to know if the organization is “pushing fake-based rhetoric, junk science.”

“People should be able to get medically-backed healthcare, rather than something created from lies,” she said. 

*ProgressNow New Mexico helps find funding for NM Political Report. No one at ProgressNow NM has any say in editorial decisions by NM Political Report, including the decision to use this story.