State lawmaker settles lawsuit for $260,000

A New Mexico lawmaker from Truth or Consequences agreed to settle a civil lawsuit alleging her negligence as an employer for $260,000. Republican state Rep. Rebecca Dow, who was elected last November, was accused of negligence when she hired and then promoted Alejandro Hernandez to work with children. Dow owns and operates both the Boys and Girls Club of Sierra County and AppleTree Educational Center. While working for the Boys and Girls Club of Sierra County, Hernandez had unlawful sexual conduct with two boys under his care. Hernandez is currently in jail for those crimes.

‘They’re making it look like we’re the evil people’

The parents of one boy who was molested in Truth or Consequences want their former acquaintances and current neighbors to know one thing—they’re not bad people. “That’s what I’m pissed off about,” said the father of the boy. “They’re making it look like we’re the evil people and it ain’t right.”

The father’s son was molested by Alejandro Hernandez, a now-24-year-old man who pleaded guilty to two counts of inappropriate contact with boys he was in charge of at a Truth or Consequences Boys and Girls Club last year. Now, the parents of one of those boys are suing Hernandez’s former employer, Rebecca Dow, who runs the organization. The boy and his parents are identified in the lawsuit only by initials.

House candidate faces deposition in civil case after ex-employee’s child rape conviction

A candidate for the state House of Representatives will have to answer questions about one of her former employees who pleaded guilty to raping one child and molesting another, according to a ruling by a district judge. The ruling comes after Rebecca Dow, a Republican looking to win election to a House seat in Truth or Consequences, allegedly stonewalled the mother of one of the two child victims from seeking information about the employee who molested her child. That employee, Alejandro Hernandez, worked for the Sierra County chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. He is now serving a six-year prison sentence for harming both children. Dow is president and founder of Sierra County Boys and Girls Club as well as the president and CEO of AppleTree Educational Center in Truth or Consequences.