Church pastor in Las Cruces: ‘Bombing won’t stop our mission’

LAS CRUCES, N.M. – Pastor Scott Rodgers with Calvary Baptist Church in Las Cruces, one two churches in the city where bombs exploded during Sunday morning services, says the violent act will not deter his church’s mission. Rodgers says it is remarkable there were no injuries from either blast. “At about 8:15, those of us that were inside heard a very loud boom, and some said that it had shook the building,” he says. “There were a few church members who were outside, but we were just incredibly grateful that no one was injured. Not even a scratch.”

Two bombs set off at Las Cruces churches

Two explosives went off at Las Cruces churches on Sunday, prompting evacuations and cancellations of services. No one was injured and the damage to property was described as minor. Still, the explosions prompted investigations from both local police and federal investigators. The explosions took place at Holy Cross Catholic Church and Calvary Baptist Church, just minutes apart. Calvary Baptist Church wrote a statement on Facebook.