DGA slams Martinez using Trump’s words

The Democratic Governors Association welcomed New Mexico to primary day with a video slamming Gov. Susana Martinez. Martinez is the head of the Republican Governors Association and so now a frequent target of the DGA. She is term-limited and cannot run for a third consecutive term in 2018. This one quotes the statement by Donald Trump that Martinez “has got to do a better job” and “she’s not doing the job” among other things at an Albuquerque rally. Martinez did not attend the rally and has so far withheld an endorsement.

Trump fires shots at Gov. Martinez; ‘Maybe I’ll run for governor of NM!’

At his raucous rally in Albuquerque, presumptive GOP Republican nominee criticized many people, among them Gov. Susana Martinez. Martinez, also the chair of the Republican Governors Association, which raises money and campaigns for GOP candidates across the country, has so far not endorsed Trump for president. She has also criticized Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants. So Trump fired back. First, he pulled out some unflattering Albuquerque and New Mexico statistics.

Martinez, GOP face Trump support questions

Gov. Susana Martinez is, along with all other Republican officials and candidates, facing questions over whether she will support presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. The divisive New York City businessman took a victory lap of sorts on Wednesday, the day after he handily won the Indiana primaries. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out Tuesday night and Ohio Gov. John Kasich followed suit Wednesday. The Republican National Committee and Republican Party of New Mexico both signaled they would support Trump. As with other Republicans, she now has to decide whether to fall in line with the party structure and support Trump’s presidential bid or to withhold her support.