County GOP boots treasurer over Trump piñata

After driving an effigy of presidential hopeful Donald Trump around the streets of Santa Fe and finally holding an event to destroy it, a Santa Fe Republican leader was removed from his position. As New Mexico Political Report previously reported, Ignacio Padilla held an event on the plaza in Santa Fe to give people a chance to break open a Donald Trump piñata. The Albuquerque Journal reported that the same day that Padilla held the event, the Santa Fe County Republican Party voted unanimously to remove Ignacio from his position as secretary. “I can expect something like that from the Communist Party, but not from the Republican Party,” he said in an interview with New Mexico Political Report. From the Journal:
But county GOP Chairwoman Jo Ann Eastham said Padilla had previously been warned not to go forward with the event.

Trump piñata knocked down

Roughly 18 people took turns knocking down a piñata of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump Friday afternoon. The event took place in Santa Fe at the Plaza shortly before Spanish Market evening festivities. Each person took turns hitting the piñata twice until Trump’s head fell off. Ignacio Padilla, a treasurer for the Santa Fe County Republican Party, organized the event. While he’s an active Republican, Padilla isn’t a fan of the business magnate’s anti-immigration rhetoric, among other statements from Trump.

Santa Fe GOP official parades Trump piñata around town

A piñata of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been making its way around Santa Fe in the front seat of a Triumph Spitfire convertible. The piñata’s chauffeur is Ignacio Padilla, the treasurer of the Santa Fe County Republican Party. Padilla has been driving the look-alike piñata around the plaza and said he has received mostly positive feedback. “I have only got three thumbs down,” Padilla said in a phone interview. “I would say that’s out of about 1,000 people.”

Padilla, who once served as a city councilor in El Paso, Texas, said while he thinks  there is a problem with immigration between Mexico and the United States, he is not happy with Trump’s statements about people migrating from Mexico.