Naked candidates, frosty delegates and choosing a candidate: The quest for the White House

It’s Thursday afternoon and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson just arrived in Orlando for the Libertarian National Convention. In a makeshift campaign office, he’s shaking hands and listening to concerned Libertarians. Having arrived on the scene about 12 hours before Johnson, I’ve already scoped out the area. This is part two of a two-part story. Read part one here. 

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Johnson gets his choice for VP

ORLANDO — Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld won the Libertarian Party Vice President nomination on Sunday afternoon and will be on the party’s ticket with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. The two-term governor won the nomination with just over 50 percent of the delegate vote, or 441 votes, on the second ballot. Weld endured cynicism and questions regarding his past with the Republican Party throughout the Libertarian National Convention over Memorial Day Weekend. At issue was Weld’s ability to present Libertarian ideas and values on a national stage. Like Johnson, Weld narrowly missed a majority of delegates on the first ballot.

Libertarians have dim view of Johnson’s preferred running mate

ORLANDO — Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and his running mate, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, spent a decent portion of Saturday stumping and campaigning to delegates at the Libertarian National Convention. While Johnson received a warm welcome, many questioned why Johnson picked Weld as his running mate in the first place. Johnson’s campaign headquarters, located inside the hotel’s convention center, served as the place for the revolving door of delegates to voice concerns and ask the two-term governor New Mexico governor questions. Steven Nielsen, a delegate from Port Orchard, Washington, showed up and asked Johnson to make the case for Weld. “Gary, I need confidence,” Nielsen said.