Why is the skate park shooter still on the streets?

I’ve heard the question so many times now: Why is Greg Buchanan still walking Albuquerque’s streets? It makes no sense. And, at first glance, it doesn’t. Buchanan is the 24-year-old who shot 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis in the back at Los Altos Skate Park in March 2015 during a brawl that started over a skateboard. This piece first appeared on the ABQ Free Press website.

Death at a Skate Park: Putting together the pieces of a deadly night

Three days after a mass shooting at an Albuquerque skate park that took the life of one, paralyzed another and injured five more, Albuquerque Police Department Detective Tara Juarez sat in a room interviewing the man who, according to transcripts of police interviews, shot and killed 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis. An arrest warrant written for Gregory Buchanan sat in another room, according to statements made by another officer in a transcript from the interview. The interview marked Gregory Buchanan’s third with Juarez since the March 22, 2015 shooting. Until now, Buchanan insisted in police interviews that the gun he used on Lewis wasn’t his. Instead, he told Juarez that he picked it up from a friend who was shot in the chaos of the night. Buchanan said he fired the gun “at the assailants who were shooting at us,” killing Lewis in self defense.

Attorney: Video shows self-defense claim in shooting ‘not legitimate’

A team of legal representatives for the mother of a slain Albuquerque teen offered their interpretation of recently released cell phone video of the deadly shooting in March. The video captures parts of the Los Altos Skate Park shooting that killed 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis and wounded six others. Albuquerque police released the previously withheld video last week after losing a lawsuit in which a judge found the city in violation of the state’s public records law. Munah Green, the mother of Lewis, filed the lawsuit in July after requesting documents related to the shooting that police had withheld since April. Police have stated that Lewis fired a gun that night and was killed in self defense.

APD releases video of Los Altos Skate Park shooting

Following a court ruling ordering for immediate public disclosure, the Albuquerque Police Department released a cell video from a shooting in March. The shooting, which occurred during the night of March 22, killed 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis and wounded six others. One of the wounded was paralyzed from the waist down. Munah Green, Lewis’ mother, had been seeking the video and other records related to the shooting since April. The following month, APD released still images from the video in a press conference where they also said Lewis was killed in self defense.

DA to review fatal Los Altos Skate Park shooting case

A district attorney wants to review the police department’s investigation of the Los Altos Skate Park shooting in March that left 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis dead. This is all according to recent email exchanges between DA Kari Brandenburg and Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden obtained by New Mexico Political Report. In an email titled “Jaquise Lewis homicide” sent to Eden last week, Brandenburg wrote that she was “getting calls and inquiries regarding the above case.” Police held a press conference more than a month after the shooting where they said Lewis was killed as a result of self defense. Police have not arrested or named the man who killed Lewis.