August 21, 2015

APS deputy chief never completed required background check

Albuquerque Public Schools

Albuquerque Public Schools Deputy Superintendent Jason Martinez never completed a criminal background check and fingerprinting in his short time at the district.

Jason Martinez via LinkedIn

Jason Martinez via LinkedIn

Both are required for all employees, according to the school district’s website.

Update: Something that would have showed up on the background check? That Martinez is facing trial in two months for six counts related to sexual abuse of a child. The story continues as originally written below.

The Albuquerque Journal reported on Martinez’ incomplete background check:

Asked whether the incomplete background check played a role in Martinez’s decision to leave APS, [spokesman Rigo] Chavez said he didn’t know.

But the district spokesman did confirm that it is “unusual for someone to have actually started work” at APS without completing a background check.

Martinez resigned from his position yesterday, a week after emails between him and APS Chief Financial Officer Don Moya went public. The emails showed Martinez and Moya clashing over a potential assessment of the school district.

Martinez originally wanted to contract with Advanced Network Management, where Bud Bullard worked through July. Both Martinez and Bullard knew each other from working at Denver Public Schools.

Bullard was fired from Denver Public Schools after getting caught taking several kickbacks.

Superintendent Luis Valentino brought Martinez into the school district earlier this summer. APS wouldn’t comment on why Martinez resigned beyond citing personal and family commitments.