August 28, 2015

APS chief on annual leave

Albuquerque Public Schools

Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Luis Valentino, who’s had as rough a month professionally as one can imagine, is ending the month by taking vacation time.

Albuquerque Public Schools

Albuquerque Public Schools

APS spokesman Rigo Chavez said Valentino took annual leave Thursday afternoon and was also out of the office Friday.

Valentino is facing intense scrutiny amid controversy over the hire of deputy superintendent Jason Martinez, who had prior arrest records of domestic abuse and sexual assault of a child. Martinez did not undergo a required background check.

Valentino is also under fire for his handling of APS Chief Financial Officer Don Moya, who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the school district earlier this week.

Two closed-door school board emergency meetings that lasted a combined 10 hours have netted no decision on Valentino’s future yet. A third emergency meeting is scheduled for Monday at 7 a.m.