February 7, 2016

NM Political Report on the radio

Photo Credit: gak cc

NM Political Report took to the airwaves on Friday.

KSFR logoI spoke to Zélie Pollon, the news director at KSFR, about a couple of the pressing issues at this year’s legislative session.

You can listen to the full discussion here or in the embedded audio below..

The discussion started with talk about a bill related to late-term abortion that the House Health Committee heard on Thursday. The committee heard public comment, but since the emotional public comment lasted for so long, the committee delayed committee discussion and a vote until Saturday. The committee voted to table the proposal.

Another topic was the proposed constitutional amendments related to bail reform. The discussion turned to the two different proposals that are going through the process; the Senate version passed the full Senate earlier this week, while the House version is waiting to be heard on the House floor. The House version only has half of the proposals of the Senate version.

Finally, a story that received a lot of attention from this week was a worker’s compensation bill saying that worker’s compensation money could not go towards medical marijuana. That is also awaiting discussion on the floor, though some Republicans who supported the bill in committee said they may change their minds when it hits the floor.