December 5, 2017

Ex-APS superintendent Valentino gets a new job

Albuquerque Public Schools superintendent Luis Valentino. Photo courtesy APS website

A disgraced former Albuquerque Public Schools superintendent got a new job in education, this time in Oregon.

Portland Public Schools hired Luis Valentino to help guide academic strategy on a three-month contract, according to The Oregonian. Valentino was expected to officially sign his contract Monday.

Valentino resigned from APS just two months into his job, after NM Political Report revealed he hired an Assistant Superintendent, Jason Martinez, without conducting a background check. NM Political Report found out that Martinez was facing trial for four felonies related to sexual abuse of a child. Martinez was later acquitted of those charges, though he violated his terms of release by traveling to New Mexico.

Valentino received a buyout that ended with him receiving nearly $100,000 overall.

The scrutiny on Valentino began when he inadvertently sent a text message to Don Moya, APS’ Chief Financial Officer, which was intended for then-Public Education Department Secretary Hanna Skandera.

In the text, Valentino wrote “I amg going to go after Don Mona in d [sic] next couple of weeks.”

Moya was later placed on paid administrative leave.

Moya had disagreed with Martinez over a contract for a company to assess the district’s IT system. The company that would have received the contract included a former colleague of Martinez’s.

Valentino previously worked for the San Francisco United School District and the Los Angeles United School District.

The Oregonian reported that since his ouster from APS, Valentino operated a business called The Valgar Institute, an education consulting firm.