November 2, 2022

Albuquerque Legacy Church pastor maintains Ronchetti will ban abortion 

Screenshot from Mark Ronchetti campaign ad

Albuquerque Legacy Church Pastor Steve Smothermon said for a second time that GOP candidate for governor, Mark Ronchetti, told Smothermon he would ban abortion if elected.

Ronchetti’s campaign denied the allegation when Smothermon initially said he and Ronchetti had talked “for hours” and that Ronchetti had told him during an earlier part of his campaign that he would ban abortion if elected. Smothermon announced this during a church sermon in July.

Ronchetti’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment regarding Smothermon’s second allegation made before his congregation in October. But Smothermon insisted to his congregants, “I assure you, he told me exactly what I said.”

Democratic Party of New Mexico Communications Director Daniel Garcia questioned Ronchetti’s trustworthiness in response to the pastor’s remarks.

“New Mexicans deserve a governor they can trust– especially on issues that matter as much as reproductive freedom and the right to make your own health care decisions,” Garcia said through a news release.