August 2, 2023

State launches safe sleep practices information to prevent SUID

The state is launching a Safe Sleep New Mexico campaign to share information with new parents and caregivers about safe sleeping practices for newborns to reduce the number of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death.

With 43 babies who died in 2021 because of SUID, the syndrome accounted for nearly 20 percent of infant deaths in New Mexico in 2021.

The deaths are often caused by accidental suffocation due to unsafe sleep practices, such as babies sleeping on their stomachs, sharing an adult bed, sleeping on the couch or in a car seat with soft toys or bedding.

The Safe Sleep New Mexico campaign will try to educate the public through outreach to expand community-based promotion of safe sleep practices and promote resources to improve safe sleep environments.

Multiple state agencies coordinated to develop the campaign along with numerous community partners. For more information visit

“Informing parents about protective practices for babies drives down rates of mortality, plain and simple.” Acting Secretary for Children, Youth and Family Services Department, Teresa Casados said through a news release.