Three Dem legislators lose in primaries

Three incumbent Democratic state House members lost in their primaries Tuesday according to unofficial numbers. In a Santa Fe area district, Carl Trujillo was perhaps the most embattled incumbent. A lobbyist accused him of sexual harassment last month, though Trujillo denied the allegations. He now faces an investigation by the state Legislature in accordance with the state’s new sexual harassment rules. Trujillo was beat out by former Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Executive Director Andrea Romero.

Memorial to denounce wolf recovery plan heads to House floor

A House memorial that would seek to put Mexican Wolf populations under the control of the state instead of the federal government is headed to the House floor. The House Agriculture, Water and Wildlife Committee voted in favor of HM 117 by a vote of 7 to 2. The memorial, sponsored by Rep. Andy Núñez, R-Hatch, calls on Governor Susana Martinez to denounce the federal Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan and for the state to take over the wolf recovery programs.

The Department of Game and Fish acknowledged in the memorial’s Fiscal Impact Report that the Department of the Interior would be very unlikely to relinquish control of the program to the state. Since the legislation is a memorial, it would only request action by Martinez, not require any action. According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife service, the Mexican Wolf population was almost nonexistent by 1977.

House Dems Ready to Serve NM | Rep. Stephanie Maez

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]THIS PIECE is signed by Democratic Representatives: Rep. Stephanie Maez, Albuquerque; Rep. D. Wonda Johnson, Church Rock; Rep. G. Andres Romero, Rep. Javier Martinez, Rep. Pat Ruiloba and Rep. Debbie Armstrong, Albuquerque; Rep. Bealquin Gomez, La Mesa; and Rep. Matthew McQueen, Santa Fe.[/box]

As newly-elected House Democrats, we are working to ensure New Mexicans have the security they need to get a quality education, pay their bills, and provide for their families. When New Mexicans work hard and play by the rules, they deserve to have the opportunity to succeed. We understand this and will fight to make sure New Mexican families have the tools they need to thrive. That’s why we’re working to create better paying jobs, investing in our children’s education, helping our young people go to college, and making sure that hard work is rewarded. While we expect challenges over the next 60 days, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure that New Mexico’s families have the tools they need to succeed.