February 5, 2015

House Dems Ready to Serve NM | Rep. Stephanie Maez

The New Mexico House of Representatives.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]THIS PIECE is signed by Democratic Representatives: Rep. Stephanie Maez, Albuquerque; Rep. D. Wonda Johnson, Church Rock; Rep. G. Andres Romero, Rep. Javier Martinez, Rep. Pat Ruiloba and Rep. Debbie Armstrong, Albuquerque; Rep. Bealquin Gomez, La Mesa; and Rep. Matthew McQueen, Santa Fe.[/box]

As newly-elected House Democrats, we are working to ensure New Mexicans have the security they need to get a quality education, pay their bills, and provide for their families. When New Mexicans work hard and play by the rules, they deserve to have the opportunity to succeed. We understand this and will fight to make sure New Mexican families have the tools they need to thrive. That’s why we’re working to create better paying jobs, investing in our children’s education, helping our young people go to college, and making sure that hard work is rewarded.

While we expect challenges over the next 60 days, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure that New Mexico’s families have the tools they need to succeed. We’ll be sponsoring legislation that prioritizes the needs of vulnerable children, working class families, college students, and small businesses.

We will not stop fighting to secure the future for New Mexican families. We will defend our families against the powerful out-of-state corporations, banks, and polluters that others continue to put first. We will stand up to those who want to rig the system at the expense of a secure future for New Mexicans.

New Mexico needs fair paying jobs for our families and workers to provide more economic development opportunities for our citizens. That’s why we are working on policy that will invest in locally-owned businesses. That’s how we can grow our economy starting in our own communities, not solely relying on out-of-state corporations.

We know that a quality education can be the tool to level the playing field for our future generations. That’s why we continue the fight for students and teachers so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. We believe that education is the key to success, and providing our children the opportunity to receive a quality education is of utmost importance. We need to retain qualified teachers in order to provide the best education for our children at all grade levels, including early childhood. New Mexico can produce talented, qualified professionals that can compete in our global economy. We already know that greatness is inherent in our students; we just need to provide the opportunity for them to succeed. We will do all we can to give our students that opportunity.

Access to quality, affordable health care is a critical part of our work to provide security to New Mexico families and to allow them to pursue the opportunities our state offers. As a state, we must support family caregivers; ensure nurses and other providers have the resources they need; and look at the real impact of uncompensated care in our state. This session, we will work to continue to improve access to health care for all New Mexicans.

We are proud to be representing our communities and serving our great state of New Mexico in the 52nd Legislature.


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