No open carry at Texas fast food chain

After years of dispute, the governor of Texas signed legislation that will allow those in Texas to carry handguns openly in public. New Mexico already allows open carry, but the move in Texas brings renewed attention to the issue of openly carrying firearms.

The bill, which will not go into effect until next year, was signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in June. One famous Texas-based fast food chain, however, told customers that non-concealed guns will not be permitted in stores. The president of Whataburger, Preston Atkinson, issued a statement on the company’s website earlier this month regarding the new gun law and how it will affect customers. He wrote that while the company proudly serves the gun rights advocates, only concealed handguns will be allowed in stores.

Changes to concealed carry law move through House

The House passed two bills that would loosen some requirements to renew a concealed handgun license. Both bills would do away with the  refresher course course every two years, currently required by law. HB 189, sponsored by Rep. Randall Crowder, R-Clovis, would extend the period licences are valid from four to five years. It was also the first bill freshman lawmaker Crowder had ever presented to the House. HB 106 sponsored by Rep. Paul Bandy, R-Aztec would eliminate the need for additional fingerprints as a requirement.