Will 2018 be the ‘Year of the Woman’ in New Mexico?

Albuquerque’s Melanie Stansbury decided this was the year to run for office. She filed as a candidate for state representative in Albuquerque, in House District 28 in the Northeast Heights. Republicans have held the seat for over a decade but the Democrat is running an energetic campaign and raising thousands of dollars in donations. Stansbury followed her sister’s lead, a county judge who almost a decade ago went through the Emerge New Mexico program, which trains Democratic woman to run for office. Stansbury joked that she and her sister are the only “Emerge sisters to actually be real sisters in New Mexico.”

[PHOTOS] Albuquerque Women’s March

An estimated 6,000 people showed up in Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza Saturday to join in a nationwide women’s march against newly sworn-in President Donald Trump. Below, NM Political Report caught up with a few of the protestors. Anna, pictured right: “I’m here because I don’t like the new president. I’m living here temporarily, but I still think that I can’t not protest again him. There are so many things I dislike about him.

Clinton political director comes on NM, talks down-ballot races

A Democratic National Convention bus tour took a break from hitting swing states to drive into New Mexico for a couple of quick rallies Friday, and the focus was clear: Democrats want not only to elect Hillary Clinton, but also win down-ballot races. Clinton campaign Political Director Amanda Renteria told NM Political Report that state- and local-level races are very important. “One of the big lessons of the Obama administration is that he would enact stuff and it would go to the state and it gets torn apart,” she said. “Some people actually didn’t buy into the Affordable Care Act, as you see some of his policies on climate change get unraveled on the state level.”

When asked why the bus tour, which has already hit 20 states, came to New Mexico which most agree is a safe state for Clinton, Renteria specifically mentioned the state House. “One of the things the secretary has been focused on from the very beginning is not just winning the White House but making sure she has a team across the country,” she said.

WATCH: NM politicos talk Clinton, Sanders and, yes, Trump

Four New Mexico politicos gathered to discuss the state of the presidential race and more on Democracy Now! Wednesday. The discussion comes a little more than a month before New Mexicans go to the polls for the primary. Related: Johnson explains party switch on Democracy Now! Former Gov. Gary Johnson, former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish and State Senators Jerry Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, and Sue Wilson Beffort, R-Sandia Park, took part in the roundtable, where they discussed the Democratic and Republican primaries.

Johnson explains his party switch on Democracy Now!

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson made an appearance on the national progressive talk show Democracy Now! Wednesday. He spoke about the presidential primaries and why he left the Republican party in 2012. The show’s host  Amy Goodman asked Johnson if he felt the Republican Party left him. Related: NM politicos talk Clinton, Sanders and, yes, Trump

Johnson said his former party “did not stand up” for him when he was shut out of debates by networks due to his low polling numbers when he originally ran for president in 2012.