Trump piñata knocked down

Roughly 18 people took turns knocking down a piñata of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump Friday afternoon. The event took place in Santa Fe at the Plaza shortly before Spanish Market evening festivities. Each person took turns hitting the piñata twice until Trump’s head fell off. Ignacio Padilla, a treasurer for the Santa Fe County Republican Party, organized the event. While he’s an active Republican, Padilla isn’t a fan of the business magnate’s anti-immigration rhetoric, among other statements from Trump.

New Mexico a top historical ‘bellwether’ state for president

New Mexico has been one of the states that is happiest with the president who is elected, having voted for the winning candidate nearly every time in state history. Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball, named after the director of the University of Virginia Center of Politics which publishes the website, says that New Mexico and Ohio are two states to keep an eye on when determining which candidate will become the next president if the past is any indication. These are known as bellwethers. Ohio narrowly edges New Mexico. Both have successfully voted for the winning candidate in all but two elections.