In new audio, officer, security guard say Gov. Martinez appears ‘inebriated’

The City of Santa Fe released additional audio from the Eldorado Hotel on December 13 involving Gov. Susana Martinez. The audio released came from Sergeant Anthony Tapia’s belt loop recorder and features a security guard, who says he is called a security agent, speaking to the governor about the complaints. A security agent, speaking to the police sergeant, says it is his first time dealing with such a situation in the month and a half he worked there. “I never expected the first time it would be the governor,” the security agent said. “I can tell she is…”

“Inebriated,” the officer finishes.

Guv responds to reports of hotel party, phone call

Gov. Susana Martinez has both apologized and partly defended her actions following a police response to a hotel room she was in last weekend which made headlines throughout the state and country. Though her office didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment from NM Political Report on Friday, her spokesman put out a statement to selected media outlets and Martinez appeared in person on KOB-TV Friday evening. “I apologize to the people of New Mexico for having done that,” Martinez told KOB. “I should have never talked to central dispatch the way I did, and I own it.”

Earlier that day, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office released audio of a 911 call Martinez made—one herself and one through the Eldorado Hotel’s front desk—where she asked what the police complaint was about and repeatedly demanded the identity of the person who complained. Three media outlets—NM Political Report, Santa Fe New Mexican and KRQE-TV—obtained the audio from the Sheriff’s office Friday morning.

Transcripts of Susana Martinez hotel phone calls with police

If you haven’t heard the audio of the phone calls or are not able to hear audio, we have transcripts of the video as well as each phone call. These transcripts were written by NM Political Report staff from audio obtained on Friday morning through an open records request. First call

Front Desk Agent: “We have guests that have been partying in their rooms. They’ve been warned already and they are still not quieting down. They’ve been told to leave. We were told to call you guys.”

Dispatcher: “What room?”

Front Desk:  “465.

AUDIO: Governor calls 911 after hotel asks her to be escorted off property

Eldorado Hotel staffers called police in Santa Fe this weekend after a loud party. Then, someone identifying herself as Governor Susana Martinez demanded to know why police were called, insisting she and others were just “eating pizza.”

Related Story: See Gov. Martinez’s response to media outlets following this report. Update: The City of Santa Fe released more audio. NM Political Report obtained audio of three calls to police. One was from the front desk of the hotel, saying those in the room had been warned multiple times and asked for police to come and escort those in the room off the property.