Kubiak drops out of BernCo DA race

Republican Simon Kubiak announced Thursday he is dropping out of the race for District Attorney in Bernalillo County. Kubiak, an Albuquerque defense attorney, told NM Political Report his reasons for dropping out are “purely financial” and that he was at a disadvantage against his Democratic candidate Raul Torrez. “I just can’t raise as much money as Raul,” Kubiak said in a phone interview. According to its latest filing, Kubiak’s campaign reported having slightly more than $1,600 in cash on hand with $500 of unpaid campaign debt. Kubiak loaned that money his campaign to open a bank account.

Spending vs. saving: SOS candidates differ on campaign cash strategy

With several months left until the general election, the two candidates running for Secretary of State seem to have two different strategies for how to spend—or not spend—campaign money. In a press release Monday, Republican candidate Nora Espinoza’s campaign boasted that the campaign had more cash on hand than Democratic opponent Maggie Toulouse Oliver. “Toulouse Oliver actually outraised Espinoza during the most recent reporting period, but spent almost all of what she raised,” the release read. Toulouse Oliver, the current Bernalillo County Clerk, last reported having $125,000 on hand while Espinoza, an outgoing state representative from Roswell, last reported almost $160,000. Espinoza’s campaign reported paying almost $3,000 to former Secretary of State employee Bobbi Shearer for consulting work in May, but has spent little since then.

Incumbent legislator loses in Albuquerque primary election

New Mexico’s House District 21 will have a new Representative next January after high school teacher Debbie Sariñana won the primary election on Tuesday night. Sariñana won the race, by about five percentage points, against incumbent Idalia Lechuga-Tena and a third candidate, Amanda KinKaid in the Democratic primary. Sariñana told NM Political Report that she was excited about the win and said she credited her win to a good group of campaign staff. “It was a tough race,” Sariñana said. “We worked hard, we had great volunteers.”

Sariñana was aided by her fellow teachers in the race, including with union members canvassing for her and helping to get out the vote.

Soros-funded super PAC supports Torrez for BernCo DA

Billionaire George Soros is taking a stake in the Bernalillo County district attorney’s race, backing Raul Torrez with a $107,000 contribution to an independent expenditure committee. Soros made the donation May 26 to the newly created New Mexico Safety and Justice political action committee. That group reported spending $92,527 on media production and ad buys supporting Torrez and about $11,500 for polling ahead of Tuesday’s primary between Democrats Torrez and Edmund Perea. The super PAC has raised and spent more than Perea’s campaign. Most of the PAC money appears to have been spent on local radio spots, which feature Torrez speaking at rallies about his plans to reform the high-profile, sometimes controversial DA’s office in New Mexico’s most populous county.

PHOTOS: Thousands take in Sanders rally

Here are photos of the Bernie Sanders rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The rally took place at the Albuquerque Convention Center, with thousands of supporters filling the space to hear him speak. See Also: 

In Albuquerque, Sanders promises to stay in the fight until the end

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Bernie Sanders speaking

After the Rally

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In Albuquerque, Sanders promises to stay in the fight until the end

Santa Fe feels the Bern

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Bernie Sanders headed to southern NM

The Bernie Sanders campaign trip to New Mexico will include a stop in southern New Mexico. The campaign announced a trip to Vado at Vado Elementary School on Saturday, the day after trips to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The appearances come just weeks before the June 7 election day for New Mexico voters. Democratic voters will choose between Sanders and Hillary Clinton that day; on the Republican side, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, though other Republican candidates remain on the ballot. The Sanders appearance in Vado, thirty minutes south of Las Cruces, is the only scheduled trip in southern New Mexico so far.

Candidates in House race changed addresses at a convenient time

A look into one New Mexico House race shows that the candidates updated their voter registration days before an appointment to the state House late last year. All three candidates currently running for state House District 21 previously applied to be appointed in the district. And all three changed their voter registration information days before Bernalillo County commissioners voted on the appointment. The appointment was necessary after Stephanie Maez resigned. All three candidates are Democrats; there are no Republican candidates seeking the position.

Martinez will attend Trump’s RNC

Gov. Susana Martinez is still quiet on if she will support presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, but she will attend the convention dedicated to him this summer. Martinez said, as the head of the Republican Governor’s Association, she would attend this year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. She was answering a question from an Associated Press reporter on Monday. The video is available at the bottom of this post. “It is my responsibility to also be part of the Republican convention,” she said.