Bill Clinton coming to New Mexico

Former President Bill Clinton will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton in New Mexico. Details are scarce right now, but the Hillary for America campaign announced that the former president will be in New Mexico for two days, on May 24 and May 25. New Mexico holds its primaries, including for president, on June 7. Early voting is happening right now and will expand in the coming days. Hillary Clinton currently has a large lead over Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

NY GOP head: Martinez possible GOP VP choice

The talk about Susana Martinez filling out the ticket for Republicans this November may hit a new peak as the New York Republican primary looms.

New York Republican Party chairman Ed Cox said that Susana Martinez is a potential vice presidential candidate. “She’s got a wonderful personal story, a great history as governor and having all three of the presidential candidates there while she delivers her keynote speech, and then you got them delivering their speeches, it’s going to be quite an evening,” Cox said. Martinez will be the guest of honor at a Republican gala later this week. However, she will be joined at the event by all three remaining Republican candidates. Cox made the remarks on “The Cats Roundtable,” a conservative talk radio show hosted by billionaire grocery store magnate John Catsimatidis.

Richardson says white male voters leaving Democratic Party

In an interview with NPR this weekend, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson expressed concern that white male voters are abandoning the Democratic Party. Richardson, speaking to the public radio network’s Weekend Edition on Saturday, said he believed there are “a lot of Southerners, Midwesterners that I believe we can bring into the Democratic Party.” Richardson said that wage and economic messages would be appealing to the groups that are increasingly voting Republican. The message would be towards job creation and not necessarily raising the minimum wage. The minimum wage has become a key economic message for Democrats on all levels in recent years.

Friends again: Bills (Clinton and Richardson) pose for photo

After years of acrimony and feelings of betrayal, former President Bill Clinton and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson stopped to take a photo with each other in New York City. Richardson posted the photo on his Facebook page and Twitter account on Thursday afternoon and wrote, “Great seeing my former boss President Clinton in NYC. We caught up and rekindled an old friendship. Go Hillary!” In August, Richardson officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Would Clinton choose Heinrich as running mate?

New Mexico is used to having politicians named as possible choices for a running mate on a presidential ticket. In 2008, Bill Richardson’s name was floated as a possibility to be Barack Obama’s running mate. In 2012, Susana Martinez’s name came up and has continued as we head towards the 2016 elections. Now, it looks like U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich is getting his turn in the VP speculation spotlight. David Mixner, a gay rights activist and longtime Democratic fundraiser and strategist, isn’t in Hillary Clinton’s inner circle.

Hillary Clinton to hold Albuquerque fundraiser

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Albuquerque next month for a campaign event. According to a tweet by former Albuquerque mayor Martin Chavez, the former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator will appear at a fundraising breakfast on June 3. The fundraiser will take place at the house of Ed Romero, a former U.S. Ambassador to Spain. A photo of the invite is included at the bottom of the post. Chavez is a long time Clinton supporter and he was a senior adviser to the Ready for Hillary PAC that ran until Clinton officially announced she would run for President last month.