Nearly 20,000 New Mexicans have already cast ballots

Nearly as many voters cast ballots on the second day of general early voting on Wednesday as the first day per numbers released by the Secretary of State’s office—and when combining early in-person and returned absentee ballots, 19,945 New Mexicans have already voted in the general election. The three counties with the most early in-person votes are in southern New Mexico, which features one of the most competitive U.S. House races in the country. Doña Ana County still leads, with 1,929 votes cast, followed by Eddy County at 1,652, then Chaves County with 1,553. 

New Mexico is still in its limited early in-person voting, with one voting location per county. The number of early in-person voting sites will expand on Oct. 17, and in years past, turnout has increased sharply after the expansion.

Voters flock to the polls statewide as early voting begins

Through one day of early voting and the beginning of absentee voting, over 10,100 New Mexicans have cast ballots statewide. Of those, just under half are Democrats. 

The numbers released by the Secretary of State’s office showed that 10,109 voters have cast ballots in New Mexico already. Of those, 8,816 cast ballots early in-person and 1,293 returned absentee ballots. In all, 328,913 voters have requested absentee ballots from their county clerks. While early voting opened in clerks’ offices in each county—or the Clerk’s Annex in Bernalillo County, expanded early voting will begin on Oct.

New Mexico’s record-shattering early voting, by the numbers

More people cast ballots by the end of early voting than ever before in a New Mexico midterm election. Between early and absentee ballots, the Secretary of State reported 430,796 votes by the end of early in-person voting on Saturday. That’s thirty percent more than in 2010. NM Political Report dug into the numbers provided by the Secretary of State,and just a reminder that absentee numbers can still increase, as any ballots returned before close of polls on Election Day will be counted. 0.56: Percent of voters who cast ballots who are registered Libertarians.

Early and absentee voting in NM beats 2008, 2012

New Mexico voters finished early voting with a flourish, with over 88,000 New Mexicans casting ballots early and in-person in the final two days of early voting on Friday and Saturday, according to the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office. More voters voted early this year than in either 2008 or 2012, even as absentee voting numbers continue to fall. Democrats finished with a 64,727 vote advantage with early voting over Republicans, casting 229,208 early ballots compared to 164,481 for Republicans. Those not part of either major party cast 79,478 ballots early. Early voting ended Saturday.

Early voting blows past 2008, 2012 totals

Early voting numbers have already exceeded total early votes cast in New Mexico during the 2008 and 2012 elections, according to the latest numbers from the Secretary of State’s office. A total of 376,088 voters cast early in-person votes through the close of polls Thursday, 28,929 more than in 2008 and 1,514 more than in 2012. Early voting closes Saturday. A total of 52,639 voters have returned absentee ballots, bringing the total ballots cast up to 428,727—just under 33 percent vote turnout even before election day. The number of absentee ballots cast is well off the pace from 2008 and 2012 levels.

Nearly 1.3 million New Mexicans registered to vote

Almost 1.3 million New Mexicans registered to vote in time to cast ballots this year. That is an increase of nearly 35,000 voters since 2012, the last presidential election, but up just under 3,000 votes since the 2014 midterms (over 100,000 voter registrations were removed from voter rolls in early 2015 as part of a regular removal of inactive voters). These numbers come from the Secretary of State’s office. Of the 1,289,019 registered voters, 28,446 registered between Sept. 30 and the Oct.

Nearly 300,000 New Mexicans have already voted

As early voting enters its final week, roughly 300,000 people have already cast ballots, nearly 260,000 through early voting. These numbers, as of close of polls Saturday, come from the Secretary of State’s office. Early voting was not open Sunday, and the final day of early voting will be Saturday. Absentee ballots must be returned by close of polls on Tuesday to be valid. The new numbers show Democrats maintaining a solid lead over Republicans, but declining.

Over 240,000 New Mexicans have already voted

From Monday through Thursday, another 146,001 voters cast ballots in New Mexico through either early-in person voting or by returning absentee ballots, bringing the total to over 240,000 votes so far. The numbers, provided by the Secretary of State’s office, are as of end of day Thursday. In all, 240,433 voters have already cast ballots, with more than a week left of early in-person voting and a week and a half until election day. Early voting has again proven far more popular than absentee voting. So far, 207,214 New Mexicans have cast in-person ballots through early voting, while 33,219 returned absentee ballots.

Holton, wife of Clinton’s running mate, to visit NM

The Hillary Clinton campaign announced another surrogate will be headed to New Mexico for events to promote early voting. Anne Holton, the wife of Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, will make campaign appearances in Albuquerque and Santa Fe on Thursday and Friday. Holton will hold a “roundtable on education kids and families” in Albuquerque on Thursday. A little more than an hour after that, Holton will hold a “women to women phone bank” in Albuquerque. The next day, Holton will head up to Santa Fe for a canvassing event.

Doña Ana County sees big early voting numbers

Bernalillo County has the most residents and the most registered voters in the state—but right now, Doña Ana County has the most voters who have cast ballots early. That is according to numbers from Tuesday morning from both counties, two counties with a number of key legislative races and the two counties with the largest number of registered voters, as of Sept. 30. In Doña Ana County, 6,639 people voted early, as of 11:45 a.m. compared to 4,293 voters in Bernalillo County who cast their votes early as of approximately the same time. That is 6 percent of registered voters in Doña Ana County and 1 percent of registered voters in Bernalillo County.