Martinez, Sanchez near top of ‘most influential’ Latino Republican list

Gov. Susana Martinez and Lt. Gov. John Sanchez are among the most influential Latino Republicans in the country according to a national conservative outlet. Earlier this week, Newsmax named Martinez as the fourth-most influential Latino Republican, up from 16 last year. Sanchez came in 15th, up from 23rd last year. The two top spots went to U.S. Senators, with Ted Cruz of Texas leading the way and Marco Rubio coming in second. The Newsmax list gets part of Martinez’s background wrong, saying she is the chair of the Republican Governors Association.

Trump thinks Martinez will ‘come over’ and support him

In a press conference in North Dakota where Donald Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination, he said that New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez will “come over to my side” and support him. “I haven’t had the support of the governor of New Mexico, she was opposed, she was on somebody else’s side, which is fine, that’s everybody’s right,” he said, “I imagine she’ll come over to my side.”

Martinez endorsed Marco Rubio just a few weeks before he dropped out of the race. The question came days after Trump slammed Martinez and her job performance, saying “She’s not doing her job.”

This led those in the Republican establishment to support Martinez, even those who have endorsed Trump. Martinez so far has not endorsed Trump. She also has said she will not vote for Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic candidate.


Establishment Republicans back Martinez after Trump attack

It seems that Gov. Susana Martinez may be the new face of the conservative anti-Donald Trump movement. Establishment Republicans and even the head of one of the Super PACs backing Trump either defended Martinez or criticized the Republican presumptive nominee. Tuesday night during an Albuquerque rally, Trump slammed Susana Martinez. He cited facts that unemployment went up (though he said it doubled), that food stamp usage skyrocketed and that she allowed Syrian refugees to relocate to the stage “in large numbers” (when in reality just four Syrians have been relocated in the state). He also cited numbers from 2000, ten years before Martinez became governor.

Trump fires shots at Gov. Martinez; ‘Maybe I’ll run for governor of NM!’

At his raucous rally in Albuquerque, presumptive GOP Republican nominee criticized many people, among them Gov. Susana Martinez. Martinez, also the chair of the Republican Governors Association, which raises money and campaigns for GOP candidates across the country, has so far not endorsed Trump for president. She has also criticized Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants. So Trump fired back. First, he pulled out some unflattering Albuquerque and New Mexico statistics.

Susana Martinez slams Trump at Koch-hosted event

Despite calls to talk about Donald Trump by the media and, mostly, the state Democratic Party, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has largely maintained her silence since her preferred candidate, Marco Rubio, dropped out. This changed at a donor event this weekend, according to the Washington Post. The Post reported that the chairwoman of the Republican Governor’s Association “did not mince words” and slammed Trump at the event held at the “mansion of billionaire David Koch” in Palm Beach, Florida. She told the crowd of about 60 wealthy GOP backers that, as a Latina, she was offended by Trump’s language about immigrants. Noting her years working as a prosecutor on the Mexican border and now as a border-state governor, Martinez said Trump’s plan to build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it was unrealistic and irresponsible, according to multiple people in attendance.

NY GOP head: Martinez possible GOP VP choice

The talk about Susana Martinez filling out the ticket for Republicans this November may hit a new peak as the New York Republican primary looms.

New York Republican Party chairman Ed Cox said that Susana Martinez is a potential vice presidential candidate. “She’s got a wonderful personal story, a great history as governor and having all three of the presidential candidates there while she delivers her keynote speech, and then you got them delivering their speeches, it’s going to be quite an evening,” Cox said. Martinez will be the guest of honor at a Republican gala later this week. However, she will be joined at the event by all three remaining Republican candidates. Cox made the remarks on “The Cats Roundtable,” a conservative talk radio show hosted by billionaire grocery store magnate John Catsimatidis.

Cruz, Kasich joining Trump at NYC gala honoring Martinez

All eyes won’t be on Gov. Susana Martinez at a New York City gala where she is the guest of honor. All three Republican candidates will be at the New York State Republican Gala that is set to honor Martinez. The gala also serves as a fundraiser for the state’s Republican party. NM Political Report reported last week that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump would attend the April 14 gathering. The New York Republican primary takes place just five days later, on April 19.

Trump to attend gala honoring Susana Martinez

Donald Trump and Susana Martinez could meet in New York next month. The New Mexico governor will be the guest of honor at the 2016 New York State Republican Gala. The New York State Republican Party announced Wednesday that the businessman and reality TV show star who is currently leading the race to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate will attend. The New Mexico governor has stayed mum on whether or not she would support Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee. Martinez endorsed Marco Rubio early in March; two weeks later, after losing his home state to Trump, the U.S. Senator from Florida dropped out of the race.

Martinez won’t endorse after Rubio drops out

After the failure of her preferred candidate, New Mexico’s governor is staying neutral in presidential race for now. Susana Martinez endorsed Marco Rubio earlier this month. Less than two weeks later, the Florida Senator was blown out in his home state by businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump. After the big loss, Rubio dropped out of the race, ending a disappointing presidential race by winning just one state and two territories. In New Mexico, the attention turned to who Martinez would endorse.

Odds and Ends: Rubio out, Trump questions coming for Martinez

—Rubio drops out. Susana Martinez took a calculated risk in endorsing Marco Rubio two weeks ago. He was seen as the pragmatic and establishment choice for Republicans in a year dominated by, well Donald Trump. But after getting crushed in his home state of Florida, Rubio dropped out. This isn’t to say it will impact Martinez that much (a LOT of Republicans endorsed Rubio), but it still isn’t a good look.