August 26, 2016

Full results of NM Political Report’s poll

We commissioned a poll from Public Policy Polling this week to answer some questions we—and apparently many others—had been wondering about.

We wrote about each of the questions we commission from the company throughout the week; but there still is a lot of information to dig into, so we decided to release the full toplines and crosstabs as well for readers to dig through.

Here are the previous posts on the poll, and the full results are available at the bottom of this post.

The pollster surveyed 80 percent of respondents by landline phone and 20 percent via internet panels, aimed a cell phone-only voters.

Public Policy Polling conducted the poll based on questions submitted by NM Political Report. The pollster does conduct polls for Democratic campaigns, though no campaign or other group outside NM Political Report had input on this poll’s contents.

  Public Policy Polling for NM Political Report