GOP’s ‘Never Trump’ effort hinges on… New Mexico

The campaigns of Ted Cruz and John Kasich are pushing further in their effort to deny Donald Trump a majority of delegates—and New Mexico is a key part of the plan. In a statement sent to media, Kasich’s chief strategist John Weaver said the campaign will not campaign in Indiana. Instead, they will cede the state Cruz. Meanwhile, the Cruz campaign will sit out from campaigning in Oregon and New Mexico, deferring to Kasich in those two states. Weaver called New Mexico and Oregon “structurally similar to the Northeast politically, where Gov. Kasich is performing well.”

Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe sent a similar statement about the unusual arrangement.

Pearce would back Trump

Steve Pearce will back Donald Trump if the New York businessman wins the Republican nomination. Pearce told the Associated Press he will back the Republican nominee against Hillary Clinton—even if that nominee is Trump. Trump is a controversial figure that many thought would not still be left in the race—let alone be the lone candidate with a chance to gain a majority of delegates before the Republican National Convention this summer. Pearce, who represents the border region of New Mexico, said he disagrees with some of Trump’s proposals on the U.S.-Mexico border. Among other things, Trump has called for a border wall, and wants the country of Mexico to pay for it.

Cruz now sees contested convention as only hope

After a bruising defeat in New York, Ted Cruz is retooling his outlook on how the Republican Party will pick its nominee. The U.S. senator from Texas, once hopeful he could win the nomination without a contested convention, is now conceding a floor fight is his only hope. With frontrunner Donald Trump collecting almost all of the 95 delegates that were at stake Tuesday in his home state, Cruz appears to be mathematically eliminated from capturing the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination before the convention. “We are headed to a contested convention,” Cruz said Wednesday morning in an interview on Philadelphia radio. “At this point, nobody is getting 1,237. Donald is going to talk all the time about other folks not getting to 1,237.

Susana Martinez slams Trump at Koch-hosted event

Despite calls to talk about Donald Trump by the media and, mostly, the state Democratic Party, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has largely maintained her silence since her preferred candidate, Marco Rubio, dropped out. This changed at a donor event this weekend, according to the Washington Post. The Post reported that the chairwoman of the Republican Governor’s Association “did not mince words” and slammed Trump at the event held at the “mansion of billionaire David Koch” in Palm Beach, Florida. She told the crowd of about 60 wealthy GOP backers that, as a Latina, she was offended by Trump’s language about immigrants. Noting her years working as a prosecutor on the Mexican border and now as a border-state governor, Martinez said Trump’s plan to build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it was unrealistic and irresponsible, according to multiple people in attendance.

Martinez ignored at NY GOP gala as Trump, Cruz, Kasich push for votes

Headlines about Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates sent Susana Martinez to secondary status in a New York City gala to honor the New Mexico governor. The Republican Party in New York state invited Martinez, the Republican Governors Association chair, to be the guest of honor at an annual gala that serves as a fundraiser for the party. But after the Republican presidential nomination battle stretched on to make New York a key state, all three remaining Republican candidates decided to also attend the gala. The event took place just five days before New York Republicans go to the polls. Martinez, for her part, joked about the Republican primary.

NY GOP head: Martinez possible GOP VP choice

The talk about Susana Martinez filling out the ticket for Republicans this November may hit a new peak as the New York Republican primary looms.

New York Republican Party chairman Ed Cox said that Susana Martinez is a potential vice presidential candidate. “She’s got a wonderful personal story, a great history as governor and having all three of the presidential candidates there while she delivers her keynote speech, and then you got them delivering their speeches, it’s going to be quite an evening,” Cox said. Martinez will be the guest of honor at a Republican gala later this week. However, she will be joined at the event by all three remaining Republican candidates. Cox made the remarks on “The Cats Roundtable,” a conservative talk radio show hosted by billionaire grocery store magnate John Catsimatidis.

Cruz, Kasich joining Trump at NYC gala honoring Martinez

All eyes won’t be on Gov. Susana Martinez at a New York City gala where she is the guest of honor. All three Republican candidates will be at the New York State Republican Gala that is set to honor Martinez. The gala also serves as a fundraiser for the state’s Republican party. NM Political Report reported last week that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump would attend the April 14 gathering. The New York Republican primary takes place just five days later, on April 19.

Poll: Johnson at 11% when against Trump and Clinton

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson would still be well behind the two major party candidates, but if a poll showed the Libertarian Party hopeful would be in the double digits against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. That’s according to a Monmouth University poll of registered voters released last week. The poll shows that Clinton would get 42 percent, Trump 34 percent and Johnson 11 percent. Clinton is the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination and Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Johnson is one of 16 candidates—so far—seeking the Libertarian Party nomination.

Trump to attend gala honoring Susana Martinez

Donald Trump and Susana Martinez could meet in New York next month. The New Mexico governor will be the guest of honor at the 2016 New York State Republican Gala. The New York State Republican Party announced Wednesday that the businessman and reality TV show star who is currently leading the race to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate will attend. The New Mexico governor has stayed mum on whether or not she would support Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee. Martinez endorsed Marco Rubio early in March; two weeks later, after losing his home state to Trump, the U.S. Senator from Florida dropped out of the race.

Martinez won’t endorse after Rubio drops out

After the failure of her preferred candidate, New Mexico’s governor is staying neutral in presidential race for now. Susana Martinez endorsed Marco Rubio earlier this month. Less than two weeks later, the Florida Senator was blown out in his home state by businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump. After the big loss, Rubio dropped out of the race, ending a disappointing presidential race by winning just one state and two territories. In New Mexico, the attention turned to who Martinez would endorse.