NM politicians backing Trump speak at Pence rally

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spent his Tuesday Albuquerque town hall defending the character of his party’s controversial presidential nominee in wake of constant negative headlines. So did a few other local Republicans who spoke at the event, including Congressman Steve Pearce and State House Majority Whip Alonzo Baldonado, R-Los Lunas. Pearce said he was won over during the Republican National Convention with a few “dramatic revelations of the character of Donald Trump.”

Among them was Trump’s “disarming and revealing” words about his evangelical Christian supporters. “He said, ‘I’m getting support from the evangelicals and I’m not sure I deserve it,’” Pearce said. “That’s what I am looking for in politicians who will be transparent.”

Another moment of revelation?

Here’s what NM DNC, RNC delegations bragged about

If you watched the roll call at each the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions waiting for New Mexico to come up, you probably noticed each state bragging about certain attributes of their state before they announced the vote totals. For example, Idaho’s Republicans bragged about the “world-famous potatoes” that are grown there. Both Democratic and Republican delegations in Minnesota mentioned Prince. New Mexico’s delegation was not immune to the braggadocio that comes with wearing silly hats and waving signs promoting your party’s preferred candidate at these conventions. At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, Gov. Susana Martinez took the mic to talk about New Mexico.

Ex-critic now backs Johnson for President

Darren White resigned from Gary Johnson’s administration over the then-governor’s push for marijuana legalization. Now, White thinks that Johnson should be the next president. Last Thursday, just before the end of the Republican National Convention, White took to Twitter to announce his support for Johnson. “This year I can’t back the GOP,” White wrote. “And I’m not alone.”

In ’04, I was RNC delegate.

NM doctor at RNC: Clinton ‘a direct threat to the American Dream’

A doctor from Los Alamos spoke at the Republican National Convention Thursday, the same day that Donald Trump formally accepted the party’s nomination and gave a lengthy speech. Dr. Lisa Shin, an optometrist, spoke about her support for Trump—and her opposition to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “Hillary Clinton is a direct threat to the American Dream,” Shin said in a short speech. “Her proposals would be utterly devastating to our economy. Her dangerous ideology undermines our democracy and freedom.”

Shin’s full speech is available below.

Analysis: Ted Cruz trumps bid for unity at GOP Convention

You might have thought Ted Cruz was going out of business when he shut down the federal government and read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor. Or when he filed the paperwork to run for the Senate in the first place, taking on a sitting lieutenant governor, a big-city mayor and a former football star. On Wednesday, it wasn’t what he did, but what he didn’t do: Cruz took the stage on the penultimate night of the Republican National Convention, congratulated Donald Trump for winning the nomination, talked about the direction of the party and his hopes for the country, told voters to be sure to show up in November and to vote their consciences, and said goodnight. He didn’t say which candidates would get his vote and didn’t tell voters how to cast their own. Join Us at the GOP Convention on Facebook Live:If you could ask Republicans one thing, what would it be?

Martinez ignored Trump’s phone calls to vet her for VP slot

New Mexico journalists shouldn’t feel too upset that Gov. Susana Martinez’s office doesn’t return phone calls or emails—the governor reportedly did the same to Donald Trump’s campaign manager. That’s part of a story in The New York Times about how Trump came to choose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. A list of 16 names, put together by then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, did not include Martinez. It did include five women. Update: Martinez’s camp said they never were called by Lewandowski.

Martinez introduces NM’s delegation as GOP nominates Trump

Gov. Susana Martinez got a little bit of national TV time during the RNC on Monday, as she helped pledge the state’s delegates to Donald Trump minutes before he formally clinched the Republican nomination. Martinez, who clashed with Trump in the past, appeared shortly on TV before handing off the mic to another delegate, conservative activist Samuel LeDoux, to pledge the state’s votes to Trump. “I am Governor Susana Martinez. I am proud to represent a beautiful, exciting and a culture that is so diverse,” Martinez said. “An amazing state.

NM RNC delegation stands behind Trump

While some state delegations remain opposed to Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, the delegates from New Mexico appear to be behind the candidate. The Albuquerque Journal reported from Cleveland none of the 24 delegates or 21 alternate delegates publicly will voice opposition to the controversial candidate. Republican National Committee committeeman Harvey Yates told the paper that a proposed roll call vote on the rules, giving anti-Trump delegates a chance to show their opposition, was a bad idea. The former state party chairman explained, “We are a bottom-up party.”

The chances of the roll call vote actually overturning the rules, specifically the rule binding delegates to one candidate, adopted by the RNC rules committee last week were slim to none. To trigger the roll call vote, a majority of seven state delegations needed to sign petitions to that effect.

Martinez appears in video at RNC

Gov. Susana Martinez still hasn’t endorsed Donald Trump, but unlike many other high profile Republicans, she’s at the Republican National Convention where Trump will be formally nominated and she appeared in a video that played at the convention center. Martinez appeared in a video put together by the Republican Governors Association, the organization which she chairs. The organization represents Republican governors and seeks to elect more Republican governors.  

“It’s not about us as elected officials, it is about the people we represent,” Martinez said in the video, which is embedded below. “We are working extremely hard to make New Mexico more competitive,” she said.

NM politicos react to Trump VP pick

Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s pick of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate prompted reaction from New Mexico politicians, most notably our state’s own governor. “Thanks to Governor Mike Pence’s strong, conservative leadership, Indiana is in a more prosperous position now than before he was elected, and it’s a direct result of his commitment to pro-growth policies and successful governance,” Gov. Susana Martinez said in a statement for the Republican Governors Association, which she chairs. “The RGA congratulates Governor Pence on his selection as the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and we look forward to the nation benefiting from his dynamic leadership.”

Martinez is among the few high profile GOP figures who hasn’t officially endorsed Trump. She previously clashed with the New York business magnate over his immigration policies, which include building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country. When Trump visited Albuquerque in May, he criticized Martinez at his rally for presiding over a state with a large number of food stamp recipients.